Loving Chinese culture, Sharing beautiful festival

  • 发布者:新疆艺术学院外事处
  • 发布时间: 2018-06-15
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In order to enable the overseas students to better experience the customs of the traditional Chinese festival, “Dragon Boat Festival”, the activity named Loving Chineseculture, Sharing beautiful festival was hold by foreign affairs office and the department of culture and art in the function room on June 14, 2018. Students from Kazakhstan, South Korea, United States and other countries celebrated the festival withChinese teachers and students.

In the activity, they learned the origin and folk customs of the festival, experienced how to make “zongzi”, ate “zongzi”, recited the Chinese traditional poetry and enjoyed the performance.They were very excited that they could experience the extensive and profound Chinese traditional culture.

After the activity, foreign students expressed their love for Chinese culture, and promised they will studyChinese hard and learn moreabout Chinese traditional culture.”